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Energise your financial feelings

How do you feel about your financial situation? Did you have a very big Christmas and the bills are still […]

New Year thrival with your finances

Christmas is now behind us and hopefully you had an amazing time spent with family and friends. Here we are, […]

Christmas doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket!

I have always loved Christmas. I remember the excitement as a child of decorating our big old farmhouse with crepe […]

Don’t let money come between you and your partner

You are now a couple! Congratulations. You have met your soulmate and your heart is all aflutter. This is it […]

Attitude, Abundance & Action – an interview with Kath Orman

In this podcast, Scott Charlton of Slipstream Coaching talks with Kath Orman of Goals & Dreams about running a financial […]

Do what you love and allow yourself to dream!

Please take a moment and write down the top 10 things you love in your life. Just let the words […]

What if wealth was part of well-being?

Imagine your life is like a big jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces having labels such as: health, happiness, love, family, […]

What is the value of your vibration?

I am sure this is not a question that has been posed to you recently. Many of us are already […]

What colour is your money?

There are two basic colours usually associated with money If you are ‘in the red’ you owe money, or if […]

Family, Fun and Financial Future

Out family can provide an endless source of joy, love and sharing, comfort and support. We are there for each […]

People watching – body language

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch the people around you? It can be an amazing revelation. […]

What are you thinking?

Excerpt from the soon to be release book, ‘Attitude, Abundance & Action’ We all have little voices in our head […]

Sage insights from our holistic financial planner

Do you feel ready to take a step forward in the direction of your dreams? Firstly, thank you for being […]

Plan for retirement and enjoy the journey

Fifties When we met Jan and Michael, they were planning to retire in 15 years’ time. They wanted to travel, […]

Financial fundamentals for fruition

Real life stories (names changed). 30s Mike and Sally have three beautiful children and a very busy life. When we […]

Take the fear out of finances

Have you ever had a preconceived idea about something, yet when you look into it more deeply, your increased knowledge […]

When the dreaded ‘B’ word can be your ticket to freedom

In our September edition, we posted the question, “Would you like to live the life you desire?” and encouraged readers […]

Would you like to live the life you desire?

Do you often wish you had more time, money, love and happiness in your life? Sometimes we are so busy […]

When Financial Planning is a miraculous experience!

By virtue of what rare, enthralling force of nature does seeing, of all things, a senior financial planner become… a […]

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