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Energise your financial feelings

How do you feel about your financial situation? Did you have a very big Christmas and the bills are still coming in, and you are struggling to pay them? Did you realise that the energy you have towards money often creates the very situation you are trying to avoid? While it may seem hard to […]

New Year thrival with your finances

Christmas is now behind us and hopefully you had an amazing time spent with family and friends. Here we are, not only a New Year, but a new decade as well. Close you eyes for a moment and consider what dreams you have for the next 10 years. Think of the places you wish to […]

Christmas doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket!

I have always loved Christmas. I remember the excitement as a child of decorating our big old farmhouse with crepe paper streamers and driving around with my Dad looking for the perfect (real) Christmas tree. The world has certainly changed with an amazing array of decorations and ornaments that can now be found at various […]

Don’t let money come between you and your partner

You are now a couple! Congratulations. You have met your soulmate and your heart is all aflutter. This is it – the one you have been dreaming of and want to spend the rest of your life with. You laugh and love together and are planning how wonderful the future will be. You discuss where […]

Attitude, Abundance & Action – an interview with Kath Orman

In this podcast, Scott Charlton of Slipstream Coaching talks with Kath Orman of Goals & Dreams about running a financial services practice and her new book Attitude, Abundance & Action. Amongst a range of interesting topics, we discuss Kath’s career in financial services and some particular challenges she’s faced and overcome. It makes for captivating […]

Do what you love and allow yourself to dream!

Please take a moment and write down the top 10 things you love in your life. Just let the words flow and don’t think too deeply. Now look at your list and choose your number one biggest love. For many of us it will be our family or our relationship with our partner. How blessed […]

What if wealth was part of well-being?

Imagine your life is like a big jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces having labels such as: health, happiness, love, family, relationships, spirituality, friendship, peace of mind, financial freedom, harmony, fun, adventure, laughter – the list could go on and on. Whilst most of us strive to have all the pieces together, if we are honest, […]

What is the value of your vibration?

I am sure this is not a question that has been posed to you recently. Many of us are already aware that we are energetic beings and we are either drawn towards or repelled by certain individuals, depending on the energy we feel when they either enter or leave the room. Do you realise that […]

What colour is your money?

There are two basic colours usually associated with money If you are ‘in the red’ you owe money, or if you are ‘in the black’ your bank balance has funds available. In American, the slang term for their bills (cash) is Greenbacks, due to the colour of the money. I found when I was travelling […]

Family, Fun and Financial Future

Out family can provide an endless source of joy, love and sharing, comfort and support. We are there for each other in both challenging times and times of celebration, whether it be a birthday, wedding, graduation, Christmas or Easter. Some of us are blessed with beautiful caring friends and we open out arms and hearts […]

People watching – body language

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch the people around you? It can be an amazing revelation. There is so much you can tell about a person by observing how they walk, their facial expressions and general demeanour. Over the years, I have come to realise how unhappy most people look at […]

What are you thinking?

Excerpt from the soon to be release book, ‘Attitude, Abundance & Action’ We all have little voices in our head constantly chattering away, usually with any number of opposing points of view. I often imagine a little angel sitting on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. Of course, the angel is positive […]

Sage insights from our holistic financial planner

Do you feel ready to take a step forward in the direction of your dreams? Firstly, thank you for being brave enough to act on that feeling. The contents of Kath Orman’s new book ‘Attitude, Abundance & Action’ may challenge the way you currently think. However, ‘the teacher arrives when the student is ready’. This […]

Plan for retirement and enjoy the journey

Fifties When we met Jan and Michael, they were planning to retire in 15 years’ time. They wanted to travel, however, did not feel they would be able to do so until retirement. They complete their ‘wish list’ and one of the items in the long term section, was a trip to New Zealand. As […]

Financial fundamentals for fruition

Real life stories (names changed). 30s Mike and Sally have three beautiful children and a very busy life. When we met they were struggling to make ends meet and felt like they just weren’t getting anywhere. Sound familiar? They both work full-time and earn good incomes. We worked with them to analyse where the leaks […]

Take the fear out of finances

Have you ever had a preconceived idea about something, yet when you look into it more deeply, your increased knowledge helps you make a decision more easily? This could be as simple as buying a new mobile phone. There are so many options, feature and functions available these days, the choice can be overwhelming! However, […]

When the dreaded ‘B’ word can be your ticket to freedom

In our September edition, we posted the question, “Would you like to live the life you desire?” and encouraged readers to stop, allow themselves to dream and actually write down their wish list. Sitting just behind the wish list in terms of financial importance is your budget (the dreaded ‘B’ word). Completing a budget is […]

Would you like to live the life you desire?

Do you often wish you had more time, money, love and happiness in your life? Sometimes we are so busy on the daily treadmill of work, home, family, responsibilities and the daily grind of must do, must rush, hurry, hurry, that we forget to enjoy the journey. The years go by in an instant and […]

When Financial Planning is a miraculous experience!

By virtue of what rare, enthralling force of nature does seeing, of all things, a senior financial planner become… a magical experience? Brisbane-based founder of ‘Goals and Dreams Financial Planning’, Kath Orman, is the walking, talking embodiment of the truism, ‘Magic Happens’. Most of us, understandably, view visiting a financial planner as a bland, perfunctory […]

Do You Need A Financial Plan For Your Future?