Do what you love and allow yourself to dream!

Please take a moment and write down the top 10 things you love in your life. Just let the words flow and don’t think too deeply. Now look at your list and choose your number one biggest love. For many of us it will be our family or our relationship with our partner. How blessed are we to have these people in our life?

Did you rate a mention on your list? How much do you love yourself? I do not mean in an ego driven manner, as we all know people who have tickets on themselves and are a little difficult to be around. Many of us think nothing of giving our love, energy and attention to our loved ones, our friends, family, clients and even people we don’t know well. Sadly however, we sometimes forget to love and nurture ourselves.

Now let’s return to your list of 10 things you love in your life and consider how much time in each day do we spend devoted to the people we love or the activities that bring us joy? This can be a little confronting at first when we realise that perhaps our daily schedule is a little out of kilter and we feel depleted at bed time, as we did not fill our day with love.

When I meet with my clients, I ask them what is on their wish lists in life. What are the things they love to do on a daily basis and what are the long term things they would love to do… someday?

It is quite empowering when you allow yourself the ability to dream and plan how to achieve your goals. If you are feeling a little fragmented and life is overwhelming, please allow yourself to make a cuppa or pour a glass of wine and press pause on your life for quiet reflection.

You deserve to spend time creating and living the life you love, the life that brings you joy. If you love to spend time in nature, schedule it in – make it happen. If you have always wanted to go to Paris with your loved one or have a beach holiday with the family – make it happen. Too hard you think – it’s just a dream. Let’s look at some practical tips of how to get there. Perhaps you buy your lunch and a coffee every day and spend $10-$15. Over a five-day working week, you have just spend $50-75. Over say 48 weeks of the year, this adds up to $2,400 – $3,600 per annum. If you place these funds in a special holiday or dream account, you move a step closer. Perhaps only buy your lunch once a week as a treat or make your own healthy lunch. You will be amazed how quickly these simple changes can take you in the direction of your dreams and you will be sharing experiences with your loved ones. Enjoy the journey!!

Written by Kath Orman. Originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine, Issue October 2019

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