Adam Larson

Investing Analyst

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Amy & Adam are a young couple recently married. They are good savers and want to get ahead in life and are currently saving for their first home. The strategy we implemented for them resulted in tax savings (via salary sacrifice and salary packaging). The application of the tax reduction has resulted in increased savings towards their home.

We also ensured that they are adequately protected should any unforseen circumstance arise, via accident or illness. They now have peace of mind that the bills and future mortgage will be paid, as they now have Death and Disability cover, as well as income protection and trauma cover.

They have each established a Will and an Enduring Power of Attorney and now understand the importance of these legal documents.

We are also in the process of creating an investment portfolio for them for the long term, separate from their superannuation. They now feel confident and empowered that they are on track to achieve the things on their wish list. Amy and Adam made the comment that they “didn’t know what they didn’t know” before seeking professional financial advice


Deb and Steve have 3 beautiful children and a very busy life. When we met they were struggling to make ends meet and felt they just weren’t getting anywhere. Sound familiar?

They both work full time and earn good incomes. We worked with them to analyse where the leaks in their budget were. These “leaks” were negating any potential for savings. Once they took ownership of their decisions and we guided them through the numbers, Steve and Deb now feel that they are working towards achieving their goals.

They were both buying their lunch each day and spending up to $20 (each) per day. As life was busy they also ate a lot of take away meals. One of the things on their wish list was to get fit and healthy. The impact of just buying their lunch once a week and take-away less often resulted in the family becoming healthier, (as they made their own healthy lunches) and the reduced spending gave them savings they hadn’t had before.

Their mortgage is now under control and they are on track to take the children to Disneyland, which previously just seemed like a pipe-dream. They promise to send a postcard!

THIRTIESMarried with Kids, mortgage, trying to keep their heads above water

Tracey and Geoff are in their mid-40’s and they are now fully focussed on enjoying life. This new found freedom is exhilarating, however they are also really looking at retirement in a different light, as it draws closer.

With the absence of school and university fees, they suddenly have surplus cash flow and want to enjoy the journey whilst ensuring the fun will last into retirement.

Within a short period of time, their mortgage was repaid, funds were going into superannuation for long term and we put another investment strategy in place to save tax and grow their wealth (should they wish to retire before they can access their superannuation investments (due to Government set retirement ages).

Now they have an overseas trip every second year and are on track to retire early. Woohoo!

FORTIESKids have left home and the nest is empty

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