What colour is your money?

There are two basic colours usually associated with money If you are ‘in the red’ you owe money, or if you are ‘in the black’ your bank balance has funds available.

In American, the slang term for their bills (cash) is Greenbacks, due to the colour of the money. I found when I was travelling in American that you have to be very careful what the number on the note is and not hand over a $100 note thinking it was a $10 note. When I showed them a range of colours of our notes, the comment was, “They are so predddddy”!

Most Australian have a bank account of two (in the black) as well as a mortgage and credit card they may be paying off and/or a personal loan as well (in the red). Sometimes the ratio of debt to savings is overwhelming and people feel they are drowning in debt.

We may be moving more into a cashless society with goods and services being paid for via your credit or debit card, but it all relates to the money you either have or don’t have. These cards also come in a range of colours and most of us have a number in our wallet.

Now, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like if you had your debts under control and money building in your bank account.

What colours would you bring into your life if you had enough money? Imagine being able to experience a magical sunset in Hawaii, the pristine white snow of the Alps in Switzerland, the green fields of an Irish landscape or the amazing assortment of colours shown in the phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

Just this week a lovely young client of mine was inspired by a beautiful limited edition print of a canopy of trees with beautiful autumn colours over a road with light shining through at the end. This print is going to constantly remind her of all her hard work and dedication. It is a visual reward to help her enjoy the journey.

Having control over your financial situation begins with the first step of making a decision that things need to change. We have discussed in a previous article that your attitude and energy towards money can either be drawing it to you or away from you. I have seen countless people over the years who believe they were hopeless with money. Yet, with the determination to change and make a difference in their own lives, they have overcome this mindset, established new beliefs and habits and they are in control. They have become the masters of their money and are now enjoying all the colours of their goals and dreams. It’s your turn now!

Written by Kath Orman. Originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine, Issue July 2019

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