What is the value of your vibration?

I am sure this is not a question that has been posed to you recently. Many of us are already aware that we are energetic beings and we are either drawn towards or repelled by certain individuals, depending on the energy we feel when they either enter or leave the room.

Do you realise that the vibration you put out to the universe regarding your own personal self-esteem, value and worth, comes back to you in kind? That negative chatter in our head often wins, confirming that we are not worthy of success, abundance, health and happiness.

If you have a negative attitude towards wealth and money, it is likely that you are setting yourself up for failure. As we know, the universe endeavours to bring to us what we believe we need, or are worthy of receiving.

In my business, I have seen countless people over the years, say to me within the first five minutes of their financial planning meeting that “I am hopeless with money”. As we delve further into their situation, it confirms their belief, and negative vibrations have materialized exactly what they are voicing and reiterating each day of their lives (the vibration of lack and scarcity).

However, in coming to see me, they have taken the first big step to make a change and walk in the direction of their dreams. They changed their beliefs and vibrations about what they deserve and with these changes, we have been able to get them on a new journey.

Awareness is a magical thing. Once we decide to take ownership of our decisions and put out a positive vibration towards receiving abundance, the doors begin to open. One a deeper level, we also need to decide that we are worthy of receiving all the wonderful things life can bring.

One of my favourite mentors from an early age was Louise Hay (author of many books such as ‘You can Heal your Like’). Imagine standing with your feet firmly on the ground, arms spread wide above your head and saying to the universe “I have an abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness and I accept it now”. This was one of her many powerful messages.

As I write these words today, I have been working on my business plan and projections for Goals & Dreams Financial Planning for this new financial year. To be honest, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed and a little tired, as life has been very ‘FULL’ lately. However, I picked myself up quickly and realised that I certainly don’t want to be putting that lower energy or vibration into my plans for myself and my business.

Please be kind to yourself and be mindful to value your own vibration!

Written by Kath Orman, originally published in Holistic Bliss magazine, Issue August 2019.

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