People watching – body language

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch the people around you? It can be an amazing revelation. There is so much you can tell about a person by observing how they walk, their facial expressions and general demeanour.

Over the years, I have come to realise how unhappy most people look at they go about their daily journey. They rush around and just look so sad. I’ve also found that in cities where it is cold, there is seldom any colour in their clothing, especially in winter. I am from Brisbane in Queensland, where we have beautiful sunshine and enjoy a sub-tropical climate. We tend to wear brighter colours.

I love to visit Melbourne, where there are wonderful cafes, great coffee and restaurants. However, there are so many people wrapped in their dark colours, heads down, making their way about their business. Now and then I will catch someone’s eye who must be thinking the same thing as I am and we share a knowing smile.

I was driving to work one day and it was a rainy morning. I passed a bus stop with about a dozen or so people huddled together, yet all looking down at their phones. Only a few minutes later, the sun came out and the most beautiful rainbow appeared. I don’t know about you, but I have always loved the magic of a rainbow. Nature’s beautiful gift. It was on that day that I came up with a quote I am happy to share, “You will never see rainbows if you are always looking down.”

A fun thing I have done with my children since they were small is to watch people, especially at airports. I would ask my children to become aware of someone walking past and tell me what they can tell about this person.With the wonderful perception children have, the would say, “Mummy look – here comes a happy lady”. Or, “Mummy, he looks so sad, should I give him one of my smiles?” As they grew older, they became more attuned.

Sadly, I feel the art of picking up the language of the body is diminishing, as many people these days are not even aware of their surroundings, let alone people watching, as they are too bust staring at their phone. Is it any wonder the chiropractors have a new stream of patients, due to neck problems relating to too much time spent gazing at the phone. Do you realise how much you give away about yourself by the way you hold your body, the expression you wear and the way you walk? Please remember to look up and see the clouds and beautiful nature around us.

Kath Orman

Originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine – Issue May 2019.

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