When Financial Planning is a miraculous experience!

By virtue of what rare, enthralling force of nature does seeing, of all things, a senior financial planner become… a magical experience?

Brisbane-based founder of ‘Goals and Dreams Financial Planning’, Kath Orman, is the walking, talking embodiment of the truism, ‘Magic Happens’. Most of us, understandably, view visiting a financial planner as a bland, perfunctory task something we ‘should’do, and at least it’s not as painful as seeing the dentist.

But the moment one steps into Kath’s office, there’s an instant energetic elevation, a realisation that whatever is about to unfold, will be beautifully, permanently, transformation.

And that’s exactly how Kath planned her business to be – multidimensional, holistic, supportive, delivering unsurpassed professionalism, advice and excellence. Her reception wall and ceiling are completely covered over with overseas postcards, from eternally grateful clients, basking in the successes of her advice. “I guess I’m just not the usual financial planner,” says Kath, delivering a masterpiece of humility and understatement!

“We help our clients achieve their goals and dreams, and we enjoy the journey. So many people have forgotten how to really live their lives, getting stuck in routines and delaying the important things that really matter. When my clients talk about ‘one day’, I strive to bring that ‘one day’ forward!”

Holistic Bliss readers, especially, would appreciate the amazing arsenal of tools Kath has acquired, which explains how and why ‘Goals and Dreams’ is so uplifting and empowering. Hilariously, Kath’s office even has a large ‘whooshing’-sound producing magic wand ‘in case of emergencies’!

Being an Angel Intuitive, it’s only natural and fitting that Kath can weave miracles into our lives. She regularly practices reiki, and is a ringleader for the legendary Don Tolman. In addition, Kath is a trained, accredited facilitator for the Institute of Women International, where Kath runs workshops and retreats using a process called ‘Creatix(r)’, which helps women become free of negative, suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Kath is currently adding the final touches to her soon-to-be-published book, ‘Attitude, Abundance and Action’.

“So much of what’s in my book is what I love to share and impart with my Clients'”, explains the radiant Kath, a natural empath who savours the experience of recalling her client’s stories of joy, and realised goals and dreams.

“Recently, I had the pleasure of advising a very hard working and stressed long-term client, that he can actually retire NOW – and not wait a further two years as he had thought. He got tears in his eyes and thanked me for giving him permission to help achieve that dream… so humbling.”

Thank you Kath. Truly, you are a heaven-sent, senior financial planner… of miracles.

Andrew Dudek.
Originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine, issue August 2018.

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