Don’t let money come between you and your partner

You are now a couple!

Congratulations. You have met your soulmate and your heart is all aflutter. This is it – the one you have been dreaming of and want to spend the rest of your life with. You laugh and love together and are planning how wonderful the future will be. You discuss where you want to live, the places you want to travel to, how many children you will have and who is the best cook. The happiness of sharing your life with the perfect partner bubbles up inside you and you feel like a rainbow has arrived in your world.

Keeping this magic alive and thriving through the years ahead requires both great communication and the dedication to make it work. Of course there is likely to be many challenges along the way as the pressures of everyday life arise.

However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks and the cause of many arguments between couples is about MONEY! You have a completely different attitude towards money than your partner. One may come to the table with savings and a well-disciplined approach and respect for paying bills on time. The other perhaps lives in the moment, from payday to payday and buys on impulse.

One of the most powerful things you can do for your relationship and your future, is to seek guidance and direction from a trusted financial planner. When a third party can put aside the emotion and guide you in the direction of your dreams, magic happens. The road ahead seems more positive and you begin to work together and discuss issues. You become aware of any possible limiting beliefs you may have around money.

Where did that belief come from? Is it true? You ask yourself, “Am I really hopeless with money? Can I put that belief in the past (where it belongs) and move forward, hand in hand with my partner and achieve a wonderful life together?” It is so rewarding to see couples who finally feel that they are on the same page, instead of a different chapter or even a totally different chapter or even a totally different book. Please email me if you would like to receive a free budget template, which is a great start in tackling your finances.


Sadly the divorce rate continues to rise, as relationships break down and couples part. I have been through this myself and it is a very sad and emotional time. I have recently been privileged to witness an amazing couple go their separate ways with dignity and respect. When they came to me, they had amicably worked through the numbers of their separation and wanted input regarding their ideas, before seeking professional legal advice. I was impressed they were able to sit across from me and discuss the separation, only wanting the best outcome for each other without the acrimony. What an absolute blessing to witness. How wise they are.

Written by Kath Orman. Originally published in Holistic Bliss Magazine, issue Nov 2019.

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